Certificate Training Programs (Hybrid)

CKI offers certificate programs of varying lengths that are designed to provide focused training about various topics in Pentecostalism, from Pentecostal history to Christ’s Kingdom message. Upon completion of each Certificate Programs courses and the successful passing of a certification exam, individuals will possess a high level of competence in their area of study that will prepare them for enhanced success in life and ministry.

Certificate programs can be applied towards an associate degree at the Kingdom Bible University (KBU).

6-Month Certificate Programs

Revival Movements

  • The First Great Awakening: A Renewed Dedication Toward Christianity in England and the Colonies (1730s – 1740s)
  • The Second Great Awakening: Camp Meetings & a Return to Soul Winning (1790)
  • The Third Great Awakening: A Refocusing on the Return of Christ (1875-1885)
  • The Welsh Revival: A Return to Confession of Sin & Instant Obedience (1904-1905)
  • The Azusa Street Revival: The Catalyst for the Modern Pentecostalism (1906)
  • The Twentieth Century Revival: Sanctification, Holiness, and the Power of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost: History, Theology & 20th Century Presence

  • The Day of Pentecost in the Book of Acts
  • The Theology of Pentecost
  • Pentecostalism and the American Church
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Believer’s Second Experience
  • The Purpose of Pentecost in the Life of the Believer
  • The Demonstration of Pentecost and the Power of the Holy Spirit

Biblical Dispensations

  • Dispensation of Innocence & Dispensation of Conscience
  • Dispensation of Human Government
  • Dispensation of Promise
  • Dispensation of Law
  • Dispensation of Grace
  • Millennial Kingdom of Christ

The Ministry of
John the Baptizer

  • The Prophetic Purpose & Preparation of John the Baptizer
  • John Makes Straight the Path: Preparing the Way for the Kingdom Messenger
  • The Message and Ministry of John the Baptizer
  • John the Baptizer: An Offense to the Pharisees & Politicians of the Day
  • Are You the One or Should We Look for Another: John’s Offense with Jesus’ Nontraditional Ministry Methods
  • None Greater Born to Woman: The Significance of John the Baptizer’s Ministry

12-Month Certificate Programs

The Ministry of Jesus

  • Jesus, the Jewish Messiah
  • Jesus & His Kingdom Ministry
  • Jesus, the Kingdom & the Church
  • Let’s Talk Jesus

Basic Kingdom Theology

  • What is the Kingdom?
  • The Kingdom in the Older Testament
  • The Mystery of the Kingdom
  • Kingdom Calling & Election

Living the Kingdom Life

  • Kingdom First
  • Living a Kingdom-centered Life
  • Kingdom Gifted
  • Kingdom Empowerment>/li>

Maximizing the Kingdom Life

  • Kingdom Vision
  • Kingdom Prayer
  • Kingdom Warfare
  • Kingdom Stewardship