What is Carson Kingdom Institute (CKI)?

Carson Kingdom Institute (CKI) is a training institute that provides training in Pentecostal-based kingdom theology through extended study in our Certificate Training Programs and through shorter, two-day intensive study experiences at our Kingdom Bootcamps.


The mission of CKI is to deliver structured, inspirational, educational, and transformational Kingdom teaching that can be practically applied to one’s life from Scripture.  

Where is the CKI Campus?

CKI is located at 415 West Adoue Street on a historical campus in Alvin, Texas, which is located in a community frequented by Pentecostal trailblazers Charles Parham and William J. Seymour during the early days of their ministries.

How are CKI Courses Offered?

CKI courses are administered using a hybrid approach that combines on-campus learning with online instruction.

On-Campus Training

Taking select courses onsite at the CKI campus in Alvin immerses the learner in the rich and legendary environment that God used to incubate the next big move in Pentecostalism during the early 1900s. When walking the halls of this renowned historic property constructed in 1905, students can feel themselves surrounded by the Spirit of God, as His presence still lingers heavily in the environment that He chose to introduce Pentecostal theology to His servant, William J. Seymour.

Online Training

Completing a portion of their CKI coursework online allows learners who lead busy lives to view lectures and complete their assignments after their work hours or at a time that is most convenient for them. The flexibility and autonomy that online learning provides for learners is a significant benefit to taking courses in our training institute.